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Descriptive Domain Names

23rd July 2017  

Q:  What do Disney, Honda and MasterCard have in common?

A:  See what they own and why.

What they are

A descriptive domain name is a domain name (web address) that features a word or words that describe what a visitor will find on that site. These names are typically products or services but can also be categories, processes, phrases, job titles, places and dictionary words. (See Descriptive Domain names explained.)


Why you need to know

The landrush is on for descriptive .com domain names and you should know why. Already companies 'in the know' have been quietly acquiring the descriptive .com domain names that are relevant to their businesses (see list).

NEW TESTS: show a significant increase in traffic and click throughs when using a descriptive domain name. See the Descriptive Domain Test Results.

8 Business Name Mistakes That Investors Hate to See

Great article on the dos and don'ts of naming sites and companies - 8 mistakes.

Availability of Descriptive Domain Names

Over 30,000 .com domains are listed for sale at Dotcom Agency in 200 different categories.

Domain Name Comment

For a regular insight into the Domain Name industry check Domain Comment on Twitter.

Massive Profits

Check this video to see how Michael "Zappy" Zapolin is realising the potential of descriptive (generic) domain names.
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