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Benefits of Ownership

[See also: Choosing a Domain Name and Ownership]

Why own a descriptive .com domain name? (Also see Descriptive Domain Names Explained)
The benefits include:

  • Leadership and Respect
  • Traffic
  • Investment
  • Business growth

Leadership and Respect

Owning a strong descriptive .com name in your field gives you instant credibility. Many of the world's top companies already own some of the best descriptive domain names in their field. These companies are amongst the leaders or are, in fact, the leaders in their industry.


Owning good descriptive .com domain names that are relevant to your business will usually attract 'type-in' traffic. Whilst some businesses have changed their company name to a descriptive domain name, a more common use is to have the descriptive domain name traffic redirected to your main site. (see uses for Descriptive Domain Names).
'Type-in' traffic (or direct navigation traffic) will occur naturally with good .com descriptive domain names. Usually you will not know how much 'type-in' traffic a domain name will get until you own it and measure it. Search Engines will also tend to boost the position of domains that contain the matching keywords.


The values of descriptive domain names have been steadily increasing over the last 6 years as the importance of these assets becomes ever more realised.

Business growth

Some companies that have adopted a descriptive domain name as their company name have benefited from a much faster rate of growth than alternatives. As well as the traffic benefits, the mere fact of owning a strong descriptive name can open doors to opportunities. This benefit comes with the respect that owning a quality descriptive domain will give you.

See also: Choosing a Domain Name and Ownership

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