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Descriptive Domain Name Valuations

[See also: Choosing a Domain Name and Resources]

The value of descriptive domain names vary considerably. Typically the price range for a good descriptive .com domain name is currently between $5,000 and several million USD.

Strong single word category defining names presently change hands for between 6 and 7 figures. A recent sale of netted the owner $3 million USD and raised $1.5 million USD whereas a more niche two word name like recently sold for $6400 USD.

If you are looking to acquire one or more descriptive domain names we would suggest going for quality rather than quantity. Here is a check list of some factors that will affect the value of a domain name.

It is our opinion that the value today of prime descriptive domain names are undervalued. Although the sales value trend for descriptive domain values is rising, we believe that as the benefits of owning these limited names becomes more widely known then the current valuations will look very low when looking back in years to come.

For examples of 'minimum offer prices' see DOTCOM Agency's category, search and showcase pages. Also for the latest prices realised see this chart from Domain Name Journal.

Free valuations at Estibot - a great resource.

See also: Choosing a Domain Name and Resources

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