Descriptive Domain Names
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Descriptive Domain Names Explained

[See also: Benefits and Choosing a Domain Name]

Most domain names fit neatly into one of 3 categories:

  • Descriptive domain names
  • Trademarked names
  • Brandable or nonsense names

Descriptive domain names

A Descriptive Domain name features a word or words that can not usually be trademarked on their own.

These names are typically products or services but can also be categories, processes, phrases, job titles, places and dictionary words. They can have any extension, however, .com is typically the most valuable and widely used.

Examples include:,,,, (note presentation)

These names have not had a common label until recently, being variously and inconsistently referred to as 'Premium Domain Names' and 'Direct Navigation Domain Names'. The period of the .com boom and bust and the label of 'cybersquatting' have hidden the emerging opportunity that are 'Descriptive Domain Names'.

These 'properties' are often also referred to as 'Internet Real Estate'.

Trademarked names

These are names that are brands, trademarks, company names etc. that are owned by people and businesses. These names do not usually have a value other than to the owner of the trademark or brand. If a third party owns a trademarked domain name that does not belong to them, then this is frowned upon and usually illegal - commonly known as cybersquatting. Do not be tempted to own or purchase names like this - stick instead to descriptive or brandable names.

Examples include:,,

Brandable or nonsense names

These are names that do not usually have an inherent meaning or obvious use on their own and are usually combinations of words. Due to the enormous number of combinations available, these names do not typically have much or any value on their own. If you are starting a business then you can usually register a brandable .com name without having to pay a premium to a third party. When a brandable name is taken and used by a company it will then belong in the Trademarked name category.

Examples include:,,,

See also: Benefits and Choosing a Domain Name

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