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Internet Real Estate

[See also: Descriptive Domain Names Explained and Valuations]

Internet real estate has become a popular phrase to include the online 'property' of domain names and web sites. Like physical real estate, which include land and buildings, internet real estate has domain names and web sites.

Each domain name is like land, it is a place where people can go and it can be built on.

Physical real estate can be in good high value or poor low value districts. Internet real estate also has high and low value districts. From an investment perspective, the highest value domain name 'land' will be descriptive, have the .com extension and have a lot of traffic. Like the real world, there is only a finite amount of prime 'land' as each spot is unique.

Building on the online 'land' is similar also - you could put a small 'parking' page at your domain name, just like a parking lot on the physical equivalent. Or you could build a massive online store with hundreds of web pages akin to building large department store in real life.

Developing the land costs time and money, so only prime land warrants a large investment.

People visit the sites/stores - the more that people visit and the more motivated they are, the better your business will be.

See also: Descriptive Domain Names Explained and Valuations

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