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Why .com?

[See also: Choosing a Domain Name and Resources]

Why is the .com extension so important? The four main reasons are:

  • Respect
  • No loss of traffic
  • Most memorable
  • More 'type-in' traffic


.com domain names are without a doubt the most well known and respected of all domain names. Many of the world's largest and most prestigious companies use .com for their online presence.

No loss of traffic

If you choose not to use a domain name with the .com extension then you will probably lose traffic (visitors) to the company or person who owns the matching .com domain name. Over 60 million .com names are presently in use.

Most memorable

As the number of available alternative extensions increases, the importance and significance of the .com name is strengthened. The .com extension is accepted as the leading standard for domain names. There are over 200 other extensions available for domain names with more being introduced all the time.

More 'type-in' traffic

Tests have shown that descriptive names with the .com extension will receive considerably more 'type-in' traffic than the alternatives. (For example gets 630 'type-in' visitors every month and gets just 11 - data from February 2007.)

See also: Choosing a Domain Name and Resources

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