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20th April 2009  ABCsearch 'to develop'
It has been revealed that ABCsearch, the firm which bought premium domain name earlier this year, is planning to develop the site and rebrand. ...  (More)

16th April 2009  DomainInformer: How to make the domain game work for you
For those who are unsure of how domain names could help make them money, DomainInformer has outlined a list of ways in which the industry can benefit potential investors. ...  (More)

8th April 2009  Premium domain name 'is key to revenue'
DomainInformer writer Robert Orr has stated in a new article that although domain names are capable of returning the efforts of investors, the real money lies in premium domain names....  (More)

7th April 2009  Why domain names are a savvy investment
As other areas of the economy falter in the recession, investing in a domain name could be a wise move at present, according to DomainInformer. ...  (More)

17th March 2009 sends first newsletter
The domain name registrar with the generic domain name - - has announced a new daily service to help businesses get the web address they want....  (More)

12th March 2009 is 'best escrow site'
Owners of generic domain names have voted as the best website for domain name escrow transactions....  (More)

8th December 2008  Numeric domain names 'grow in popularity'
Numeric domain names are increasing in popularity, as more innovative plans are announced to develop sites from such addresses, it has been reported....  (More)

4th December 2008  Domain name generator available for businesses
Businesses and individuals that have come up against problems in choosing a domain name can now turn to for help. ...  (More)

18th November 2008  Generic domain names "are like prime real estate"
Commenting on an interview with an industry figure, DN Journal has described generic domain names as akin to "prime real estate". ...  (More)

7th November 2008  Domain name pricing explained
A law firm has explained why some domain names are more expensive than others and why they are so desirable for businesses....  (More)


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