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14th January 2009  Domainer Mardi Gras 'to be held in New Orleans'
Individuals looking to explore the possibilities of buying premium domain names may like to head to New Orleans next month for the Domain Name Mardi Gras....  (More)

12th January 2009  Awards ceremony appearance for
The chief executive officer of generic website put in an appearance at last week's Annual Needham Growth Stock Conference in New York. ...  (More)

29th December 2008  Domain name conference details announced
The domain name community will be pleased to learn that details of the forthcoming 2009 GeoDomian Expo have been revealed....  (More)

24th November 2008  DOMAINfest Global 2009 location announced
The international domain name conference DOMAINfest Global's opening night is to take place at the Universal Studios in California, it has been revealed. ...  (More)

19th November 2008 and go under the hammer
The auction, running in conjunction with the Traffic Down Under event in Australia, will see some generic domain names go under the hammer....  (More)

7th November 2008  Numeric domain name auction scheduled later this month
After finding success selling numeric domain names, Sedo has announced an auction, scheduled for later this month. ...  (More)

21st October 2008  $1 million going into domain conference
Organisers of the forthcoming DomainFest have elaborated on their plans for the event as well as offering an insight into their budgeting. ...  (More)

17th October 2008  Apple computer co-founder to speak at DOMAINfest Global event
The DOMAINfest Global conference, scheduled to take place next year, has managed to secure a prominent keynote speaker to kick start events....  (More)

16th October 2008 set to be auctioned for $1 million minimum
It has been announced a generic address will be auctioned next month with a $1 million reserve....  (More)

13th October 2008 and Traffic to host charity domain name auction
Ten premium domain names will be auctioned next month to raise money for the Internet Commerce Association (ICA)....  (More)

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