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24th March 2009  Domain names 'can affect PPC'
Choosing a generic domain name for one's business not only improves the chance of web users finding the site on the internet - it also has benefits for pay-per-click advertising....  (More)

23rd June 2008  New site to auction valuable domain names, a new domain name auction site, went online last week. ...  (More)

31st March 2008  Using direct navigation domains to sell art
A premium domain name has been chosen to host a new service allowing users to visit and buy oil paintings, it has emerged....  (More)

25th February 2008 boosts US legislation drive
A US online petition website has generated enough web traffic to reignite interest in passing government legislation - which had previously been written off as "dead", it has emerged....  (More)

16th January 2008 to boost Proximic ad service
A generically named consumer shopping website has become involved in a deal with a major online advertising service, it has emerged....  (More)

14th January 2008  Generic search 'an important part of the buying process'
Generic searches are a large part of how many consumers make their journey towards an online purchase, according to a new survey....  (More)

10th January 2008  January and February 'popular time to register domains'
As a new report reveals that January and February are the most popular months to register a website, one expert suggests it is vital for businesses to secure a strong domain....  (More)

26th November 2007  Simple domain name 'key to online retail'
The importance of a clear and easy to remember web address, such as those offered by generic domain names, has been highlighted by one expert who states that it is one of the key elements of a successful website....  (More)

20th November 2007  Generic domain names 'make search easier'
A good domain name that is connected with the product can help visitors "stumble upon your site" one expert has suggested....  (More)

19th November 2007  Searching for sites 'will outperform Facebook ads'
Search marketing will be more beneficial to advertisers than recent developments in the social networking sector, one expert has suggested....  (More)


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