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23rd April 2009  Hunt down the perfect event space with
The revamping of a popular website run from a generic domain name could solve the problems of businesses across the UK who often find themselves looking for a centre to conduct presentations or events....  (More)

22nd April 2009  Generic domain name teaches musicians how to rock on
Aspiring riffers who want to put down their virtual rock guitar games and learn how to play the instrument for real can now access help from the premium domain name  (More)

22nd April 2009  New domain tool website launched by Domain Superstar
A new domain name tool has been launched by an industry insider to help those already well-versed or relatively new to the subject. ...  (More)

21st April 2009 Holiday tips for cash-strapped Brits
As many Brits tighten their belts and ride out the recession, the firm running generic domain name has offered some advice on cost-effective holidays. ...  (More)

20th April 2009 lists best hybrid models on the market
For those eco-friendly families and individuals looking to buy a new car, the people at generic domain name have outlined what they believe to be the best hybrid vehicles currently on the market. ...  (More)

15th April 2009  How Howard Neu made his domain name fortune
Though Howard Neu is a familiar name in the domain name sphere, he started out on a very different path before making his money in the industry, Domain Name Journal reports. ...  (More)

15th April 2009  Ads featuring generic domain names 'attract double click-through rates'
The generic domain name sector has experienced some good news recently, including the sale of for $1.2 million and Toys 'r' Us' $5.1 million purchase of ...  (More)

9th April 2009  Addresses with .com suffixes "synonymous with the internet"
Despite the introduction of new suffixes looming on the horizon, .com is the one people think of immediately when considering the internet, says Domain Name Journal founder Ron Jackson....  (More)

6th April 2009  How to profit from expired domain names
Domain Name Wire has offered cash-strapped domain name owners tips on how to make the most of their expired addresses. ...  (More)

3rd April 2009  Reuters: Domain name practicalities
Global news provider Reuters has published some advice on choosing an effective and lucrative domain name. ...  (More)


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