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22nd July 2011 acquired for property portal
The two descriptive domain names and have been acquired from Rick Schwartz by the owners of and, two leading online residential real estate portals. ...  (More)

9th May 2011  Media Corporation Sells
Sedo has announced that it has sold the most expensive domain name of this year so far. has been bought for $2.5 million (1.5 million) by an unnamed company based in the United Kingdom....  (More)

15th June 2010  Multi-million dollar sale of
The biggest sale of 2010 so far has been reported. has been bought for about $5.5 million by BodogBrand, a venture capital and licensing organization. This makes it one of the top 10 most expensive domain name purchases ever....  (More)

8th March 2010 sold for seven figures
Makeup giant L'Oreal has bought the descriptive domain name and web site  (More)

13th January 2010 sells for $350,000
The $350,000 sale of shows that descriptive domain names continue to sell for high prices despite the current economic climate. ...  (More)

1st May 2009  Generic domain steals the limelight $102,000 display
The generic domain name impressed audiences at an auction this week by being sold for an applause-worthy $102,000. ...  (More)

1st May 2009 displays impressive potential with $1.4 million sale
The generic domain name sold for the hefty sum of $1.4 million yesterday - ranking it among some of this year's top-selling premium names....  (More)

1st May 2009  Generic domain name extends help to travellers
Travellers who arrive at their destinations to find that their bags have been lost may find their belongings logged and photographed on premium domain name  (More)

29th April 2009  Tempting recipe application unveiled by
Aspiring Delias and wannabe Ramseys may be pleased to hear that is about to launch the internet's ultimate recipe search engine. ...  (More)

29th April 2009  Experience luxury while away from home with
Those away from home for extended periods of time for business or pleasure can access, a generic domain name which offers discerning visitors the finest places to stay in the Canadian city. ...  (More)


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